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Optical DT (Optical Digital Transmission) - an Israeli advanced technology R&D firm has mastered a principally new data communication solution for fiber-optic networking and data transmission. 

The patented solution is capable of exceeding the theoretical limit of digital circuitry (currently based on the semiconductor principle) by a factor of one million. 

The overall transmission speed and throughput capacity is increased by orders
of magnitude.

Underlying concept is to eliminate the main bottleneck; i.e., the need for converting and reverting optical signals into and from the electrical signals, for multiplexing / de-multiplexing, packet switching and data packet processing,
when transmitting over fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL). 

This is achieved by creating purely optical (or “Optical Digital”) multiplexors / de-multiplexors, packet switches etc, that dramatically increase the throughput of every single channel used in FOCL.
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